Here's a picture of us.

This is a quick webpage I built to see how hard it was. It's pretty easy; if you're considering it, I would encourage you to give it a try. That's my wife Jackie and I on the left. We took that picture in the Giant's Causeway in Ireland, which is pretty neat to see. We have a little cat named Kisu, which means "kitty" in Finnish.

I'm into cars, so I have pictures of the current toys, a 370Z and a Ducati Diavel. I also included Jackie's Mini Cooper. She had fun getting it wrapped in periwinkle vinyl. I may eventually build an exocar and then add an aerodynamic body. I'm pretty interested in making it a formula type single seater. I've made a clay model but done little else so far excepting looking for potential parts suppliers.

I've made a few Ducati Diavel TuneBoy trims available. The trim files provided by TuneBoy are the ones provided by Wayne and Emma that they have tested and proven out. The others are an HP Corse tune from user ddk632 on and tunes I've created. The HP Corse trim was created on a dyno using a bike with a stock air filter and the HP Corse 2-2 exhaust system. This trim file has no ignition timing and has considerably richer fuel mapping than the TuneBoy provided trims. It also has a significant discrepancy between the front and rear cylinder fuel trims.

I created a custom Ducati Diavel trim file that hybridizes the ignition timing from the TuneBoy released Termi exhaust system tunes together with a richer fuel mixture based in part on that corse trim file. In the custom file, the front and rear cylinder trims and timing are identical. After some tweaks and the addition of additional timing at the top end that follows user fisharcher's tune as a guideline, I've run my custom tune (V3) for a good while and really like it. A few diavel-forum users have tried it and reported good results. On my bike I've noticed a very minor flat spot in V3 that I wanted to eliminate, so I've started tweaking it again. The three V6 tunes are what's on my bike now, and they're very similar to V3 but offer a mean fuel trim of +9%, +12%, or +15% instead of the typically +12% of Version 3. I'm riding with all three V6 tunes installed at once and plan to swap between them until I decide which I like the best. My bike has a K&N filter and Shift-Tech Stage 1 slip-on exhaust currently installed.

Right now this site is pretty bare. Seems like that will be the case for the foreseeable future...