Here's a picture of us.

This is a quick webpage I built to see how hard it was. It's pretty easy; if you're considering it, I would encourage you to give it a try. That's my wife Jackie and I on the left. We took that picture in the Giant's Causeway in Ireland, which is pretty neat to see. We have a little cat named Kisu, which means "kitty" in Finnish.

We recently built a custom home, and boy is that a lot of work! The effort was worth it though; our home came out beautifully, our work commutes are short, and we love the neighbors and the area we live in. It just needs a few more restaurants. Unexpectedly, we got two new cars at the same time. Both cars are a lot of fun, and we kept the Element for utility and bad weather. The 370Z great fun on the track, but I still missed having a convertible, so I picked up an old Ducati Monster for sunny days.

I recently finished my master's degree in mechanical engineering--part of why I set up the webpage was to conveniently make larger files available on the go. Dropbox hadn't made it to primetime yet. I wrote two papers for class assignments that I've posted up in case they're of interest to anyone who randomly stumbles across this page. In any case, I found doing the research was interesting. Later on I also may throw up some of the simple Matlab code I built for my CFD class. It should be easily converted to Python, and from there to C if efficiency is of importance. Of course, then OpenFOAM or something would quickly make more sense.